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Our Mission...

...is to support and further extend our POS partners solution to their customers by automating their manual invoice processing.

We designed and built AccountsFlow, to shed hours/days of the endless and frustrating manual invoice processing of a business owner. In fact, we’ve been assisting people and companies around the globe do this since 1998.

Additionally, we want you to leverage the existing investment you have in your systems - our experience is that, you most likely have some really good, feature-rich, systems in place. The modules we created in AccountsFlow are designed to compliment your POS & Inventory systems and enhance the control and profitability in your business.


Manage Your Restaurant More Efficiently Using the Eisenhower Matrix

Download the guide and learn how to apply the Eisenhower Matrix to your job as a restaurant manager and prioritize tasks.

Our Capabilities

Our proprietary technology enables the “hands free” processing of invoices from Supplier Systems directly into Customer Systems.

Supplier Invoicing Systems

We’ve seen an invoicing system or two in our day. As such, we’ve been able to apply that knowledge of inventory/sku based transactions from various and diverse invoicing systems with a consistent methodology. Our proprietary technology then is able to accurately “map” the relevant data from a Suppliers system generated PDF Invoice directly into an EDI file (Electronic Data Interchange).

POS/Inventory Systems

We’ve also seen countless POS/Inventory systems. In partnering with these POS/Inventory companies, we are able to use their exact file transfer protocols and encode and apply these routines to the EDI files we created from the Customers suppliers. The end result is a completely “hands-free” invoice data flow from Supplier System to Customers System. Instantly.

Supplier Benefits

  • Quicker payment processing
  • Eliminate billing inaccuracies
  • Improved customer relationships

Customer Benefits

  • Save hours of manual data entry
  • Gain immediate cost visibility
  • Save $1,000’s

POS Vendor Benefits

  • Extends your product offering
  • Enhances your current features
  • Strengthens your customer relationship

Fact Sheet

Year Founded:


Australasian Headquarters

Perth, WA Australia

Americas Headquarters

Huntington Beach, CA USA

Industries Served

Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Bars,Catering, Camps, Liquor, Beer & Wine Stores, Food Suppliers, Beverage Industry, Convenience Stores, Retail Gas Service Stations, Grocery Stores, Florists, Auto Parts, Bakeries, Book Stores, Distribution Centers, Warehouse Operations, Clothing Stores, Equipment Stores, Sporting Goods, Furniture Stores, Gift Shops, Hardware Stores, Pet Stores,  Jewellery Stores, Pharmacies and Shoe Stores.

Corporate Entity

Privately held


Tony Brockhurst

Managing Director

Tony Brockhurst

Founder and sole Director of Accounts Flow, Tony is all about thinking outside the box to create software products where everyone wins.


Based in Perth, Western Australia, Tony has concentrated his efforts in Australia until recently expanding overseas where his vision continues to grow. 


 “I drive a team of IT professionals who are focused on connecting businesses within industries. Our products are at a software level, that cleverly replaces labour heavy tasks. This is what I love to do, making industries more efficient.”

Geoff Holland

Global Development

Geoff Holland

You could just as easily find Geoff pan searing rice paper wrapped sea scallops or roasting a bourboned black cherried duck breast as you would find him growing and expanding AccountsFlow around the globe. This is because Geoff started out as an executive chef and while his career has moved on, he continues his culinary passion often entertaining his friends with evenings of appetizing dishes.

Geoff brings to the table, as it were, over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, running some of the largest kitchens, restaurants and hotels. In addition, he has created and developed industry leading software solutions and has been a sought after “turn-around” consultant to some of the hospitality’s largest and most recognized establishments.

Dan Hicks

President - Americas


Ever the stereotypical Canadian, Dan has a love for the game of ice hockey. He still laces up the skates and his hard hard-hitting smash mouth brand of defense has earned him a reputation as a formidable opponent and an invaluable teammate on the ice.

Just like his “on ice” reputation, Dan is known for his tenacious, relentless determination to succeed and more importantly see his customers succeed.

In his drive to continually grow and enhance AccountsFlow for both customers and partners alike, Dan draws from more than 30 years of leadership roles in business development, finance, systems implementations, entrepreneurship and customer service spanning a wide range of industries.

Kristen (Monty) Montague

Chief Revenue Officer


Monty grew up on Catalina Island off the coast of Los Angeles and has forever had a deep connection with the ocean and everything it has to offer. As a Surfer, Sailor and all-around Waterman, Monty saw firsthand the effects of pollution on our oceans and waterways. Monty endeavored to limit her carbon footprint and became active with the Surfrider Foundation back in Y2K, which involves her entire family today. Monty lives the “reduce, re-use, recycle” motto in all his affairs. Monty has always said, software by its very nature is “Green” in that it has the potential to limit a company’s physical and carbon footprints in support of mission critical business processes.

AccountsFlow takes it one step further as it offers total elimination of paper as a core tenant in the value proposition. AccountsFlow checked all the boxes for Monty and it was clear that she was the right choice as our Chief Revenue Officer overseeing Sales and Channel Success throughout the Americas.

Monty brings 20 years of enterprise software experience to AccountsFlow. Having worked at the very large Oracle and IBM’s of the world, to smaller, more agile companies focused on helping customers to recognize the promise of technology with actionable solutions yielding instant impact.

Our Values


Customer & Partner Success

We mean it. This is not just a quaint statement on our website. We only win - when both our customers and partners are successful.



From pricing to service delivery to product offering, customers and partners can expect fairness in all their dealings with AccountsFlow.


Transparency – No Surprises

Customers and partners can expect transparency from AccountsFlow. We are open and honest about the work we do. If something does not look right, we point it out.


We Own It - Accountability

We are a company of performance and accountability, and face challenges with grit and optimism. You can rest assured, when presented with an issue we will see it through to completion.

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