If you find yourself on the losing end of controlling your restaurant’s food inventory, you probably aren’t using your POS to it’s full advantage. It’s time to find out about some complimentary tools that can bring out the full potential of your system.

Here are the top four ways you can leverage your web-based POS solution to achieve control of inventory management!

  1. Track everything quicker. You should know what your inventory levels are at all times. With your POS system, it’s possible to get real-time tracking of all inventory. The only thing that is holding you back is your manual process of entering invoices which usually only happens once a week. With AccountsFlow E-Invoicing, you can now have all your suppliers invoices automatically loaded into your POS, any time of the day, any day of the week, whenever that stock arrives at your restaurant. No more putting off the unpleasant task of keying line items from stacks of invoices – it’s done for you!
  1. Complete Integration from Supplier to POS. You can now eliminate pricing and inventory errors with AccountsFlow E-Invoicing. Every supplier’s invoice is mapped to your POS inventory system electronically via EDI (electronic data interchange). No OCR with it’s reading errors, no taking pictures and hoping your software can scan the image correctly, no data entry errors. By receiving electronic invoices in real-time, allows invoices to be reconciled and immediately alerted to any price or volume discrepancy and you can take corrective action before the data hits your system. Now that’s intelligent invoicing!
  1. Eliminate wasteful spending. Managers may be making unnecessary purchases because your POS does not reflect the stock that has already arrived, but just not manually updated into the system. With AccountsFlow E-Invoicing and immediate updating of your POS, your managers won’t double up on their orders, tying up cash flow and risking spoilage. This also helps prevent staff theft, by any individual purposely omitting to enter invoices and taking the stock. The type of control you need in your business!
  1. Get accurate reporting. With your state-of-the-art  POS, and it’s variety of detailed reports, and AccountsFlow’s ability to immediately update your inventory numbers, you can now trust that what you see on the screen reflects the true picture of your restaurants stock and food and beverage costing. That’s confidence you can take to the bank!