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Your team have created an amazing, feature-rich Point of Sale system. You’ve listened to your customers feedback, performed a lot of competitive analysis, done extensive market research and have kept up to date on the latest industry and technology trends, literally investing hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars of development effort into your product.

You’ve taken a prudent course in developing your product roadmap and your current offering and feel confident your solution can stand head and shoulders with anything that is available on the market.

So what else can you offer that you haven’t already that your customer could possibly want?

How about something they can’t purchase, can’t get enough of and desperately need – Time!

You are in the hospitality industry, and you know your clients and their environment intimately and therefore you know, time is the commodity they have the least of.

But funny thing, when you talk to your customer about desired new features on your solution, there is no check box or line item to put “give me more time”. It doesn’t show up in industry surveys when looking at POS solutions or what you look at when reviewing competitors offerings. Why? Because typically, when looking at product development, you are down in the weeds, looking at fine tuning this feature or adding or extending something else and don’t step back and look at the day or week in the life of the restaurant manager.

Oh sure, your brochure and website touts that your product will “save time and money” but these worn out motherhood statements are so overused by everyone, they are just glossed over and no one gives them a second thought. The reality is, your system, unless it was replacing a very antiquated POS system, will actually take more time from the manager due to all of its state of the art features and required maintenance and inputs required to take advantage of it’s full potential.

By “White Labelling” AccountsFlow as an extension of your POS, we give you the opportunity to be the hero to your customer, by giving them measurable and quantifiable time in their week.

Specifically, AccountsFlow automatically E-invoices all of your customers suppliers invoices and populates and updates your POS inventory records. No data entry required by your customers! You want to bring joy to your restaurants managers eyes? Ask them how much time, effort and frustration it takes to enter the stack of supplier invoices, line item by line item each week. Then tell them you can eliminate that and will make it happen automatically. All with AccountsFlow white labelled with your branding and logos - an extension of your POS.

Additionally, AccountsFlow E-Invoicing will allow your customer to be able to get even better cost control of their operations with the features that were specifically designed into your POS. Your POS automatically adjusts inventory based on customer orders and helps give visibility to the restaurants costs – the only problem is that the purchases are only reflected once a week when the restaurant manager finally has the time to update the system. Now, time is no longer an excuse, you can demonstrate how they can automatically update your POS daily or several times a day if desired, whenever a Supplier generates the invoice. Now that’s leveraging your system as intended. Better yet, you just leaped ahead of your competition!

The best news is that we don’t charge you for white labeling – we offer this free. Wait, it gets better, to help you promote your new offering to your customer base, we will build a website landing page, with your brand imagery, and custom content and use our Inbound Marketing system to kick off a customized campaign for your company. Again, all free of charge.

What are you waiting for, call us today and let’s plan how you’d like roll out this new feature to your customers.