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The Physical Storage and Retrieval Process of Using Paper-Based Invoices Can Be a Challenge.


The cost of processing and storing paper invoices continues to escalate and, in critical time, having to go to a dusty storage room or some offsite storage facility to hunt down invoices that were processed years ago by someone else is a nightmare.

It is no surprise, locating archived paper invoices can be exhaustingly time & labor intensive, and let’s face it, workers are more productive working digitally.


Converts Paper Invoices to PDF

As your supplier invoices pass through our network, we capture each and every invoice, convert them into an exact PDF sample of the actual paper invoice.


Safe, Secured and Organized Records

Keep your records safeguarded and secured so they are tamper-proof, protected from deletion and are unalterable. Your files are immediately sent to our secure storage cloud or sent to you to store in duplicate. You have everything you need, when you need it, in one location.


Quick File Access for up to 10 Years

Clean, paper-free office, with every invoice within 10 years available to you 24/7 with a click of the mouse. That makes your invoices easy to search, find and retrieve.



Are the PDF files copies AccountsFlow creates or orginal PDF files?

The PDF Invoices in AccountsFlow are the exact file or PDF that your supplier emails to us. We do not create or make a copy, therefore it is an original source document for audit purposes.

Can the PDF be altered?

No. As an original source document, it cannot be altered. This is important for not only audit purposes but to eliminate any opportunity for fraud/theft.

Is this Filing Cabinet searchable?

Yes. You have numerous ways you can search for invoices, by supplier groups, individual locations, buying groups, individual suppliers, by date range, by invoice number etc., all with immediate results. This makes storing and retrieving invoices for up to 10 years hassle free and convenient.

Can the Invoices be printed, downloaded?

Yes and Yes.