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In the Restaurant Industry, Every 3rd Invoice is Priced Incorrectly


Frequent overcharges are not the result of tricks or bad intentions on the part of distributors. The restaurant food purchasing process is an incredibly complex one and simple mistakes can and often do happen if they are not constantly being monitored.

But who has time to constantly monitor - your passion is service and food, not going through invoices. You just don’t have the time to go through every invoice, line by line with a fine-toothed comb to make certain you are being charged the correct amount. To further complicate things, deliveries come multiple times a week, often with dozens of different products, your chefs would spend more time crunching numbers than they would in the kitchen.


Stop Erroneous Pricing and Overcharges

With all the deals you strike with your suppliers, do you ever wonder if you are actually getting charged the right price? Mistakes happen when not constantly monitored. AccountsFlow allows you to save time and money by loading your contract pricing in the application to get notified when there are discrepancies in pricing.


Immediate Price Discrepancy Reporting

Just like an “Automated Auditor”, Price Checker verifies every invoice, line by line, and immediately alerts you with traffic light colored texts. These alerts display variance amounts of what you should have been invoiced versus what you were actually invoiced. You can check daily, weekly, monthly or between any dates you select. This makes it easy to get the price fixed, the credit received and future invoices billed correctly. Plus, it helps keep a check on your suppliers over time, making it an effective vendor management system.


Easy Price List Import

Upload your suppliers contracted price lists and one-off promo prices so that as soon as your supplier sends your E-Invoice, Price Checker automatically compares the contracted prices to the invoice, item by item, quantity by quantity, displaying this on an easy to navigate, intuitive dashboard.

“Implementing AccountsFlow has enabled me to minimize receival errors and free up hours of data entry each week. Amazing value, customer service and support. I would highly recommend for any business”
Jay Beeson
Proprietor, Licensee, Chief Palate and Accounts


How does Price Checker check prices?

You upload your price lists/contracted prices via an easy import tool. When the actual invoice comes in, Price Checker compares the prices, line item by line item on the invoice received to the expected price from the imported list. It will then display any variances, immediately visible not only by the amount, but traffic light color coded to help you zero in on the problem areas.

I don’t have a set price but still want to monitor price variances, can Price Checker help do that?

Absolutely. As you purchase from your suppliers and invoices get imported into AccountsFlow, Price Checker builds a database of your purchased items, item by item with price history. You can utilize that history and import that pre-populated list as a basis to compare to new invoices. In this way, Price Checker alerts you to price spikes that you can investigate.