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Getting a Rebate Seems like a Nice and Needed Incentive.

In reality, though, the process is too complicated to pursue. After making your purchase you get busy with your business. You may remember that rebate on the next ordering cycle and remind yourself to make sure you cash in on it. The problem is, you just never get around to it, as you can’t set aside time to gather up all your invoices and match dates etc., to make sure you qualify for the rebate and then turn those documents around to the supplier to get your rebate.

According to industry experts, 52% of rebates go unclaimed every year!

Suppliers are counting on the fact that some of their customers are either forgetful or too busy and know that most businesses don’t have the tools or systems in place to keep track of their rebates. The net result is you overpaid for their product, in many instances bought more than you would normally which tied up your cash flow and you lost out on the rebate money.


Peace of Mind with No Manual Reminders

As soon as your supplier sends your E-Invoice, the Rebate Calculator automatically compares the rebates you are eligible for, to the invoice, item by item, quantity by quantity, displaying this on an easy to navigate, intuitive dashboard.


Instantly See Owed Rebates

Simply setup your suppliers with the % rebate. You can even select a product/line item and either allocate a % rebate or a $ amount. If you expand the supplier it will show the % by supplier and all the line item rebates.

Now, you can select whatever time periods or invoices you want to view and immediately see what rebates you are owed.


Never Lose out with 24/7 Rebate Exposure

Your dashboard will allow you to automatically keep track of your supplier rebates, live 24/7, so you never lose out and every penny is claimed.



How do I start using the Rebate Calculator?

You simply select Rebate Calculator Setup and identify which Supplier you wish to record the rebate with. Then you have the option of entering rebates by all purchased items by that supplier and/or individual inventory line items. Then AccountsFlow will begin accumulating your calculations as the invoices come in for that supplier.

How will I see my rebates?

From the AccountsFlow Rebate Calculator Dashboard, you will have multiple ways to view and select the invoices by your supplier including date ranges, individual invoices etc. You can easily view line item by line item and the amount you are eligible for from your suppliers.