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Eliminate Errors

Receiving electronic invoices in real-time allows invoices to be reconciled while also immediately alerting you to any price or volume discrepancy so you take corrective action before the data hits your system.


Track your Inventory

Get all your suppliers’ detailed invoices loaded directly into your POS or Inventory system, so you check your stock inventory at any given time. Your supplier invoice will be detailed, product by product, within your POS or Inventory system even before the goods have even arrived.


Control Spending

The immediate updating of your POS gives you accurate reports that show you the true picture of your stock and costs.
This prevents staff theft and eliminates wasteful spending, such as double up of orders, that can tie-up your cash flow and risk spoilage.


Seamless Accounting

Every supplier’s invoice is mapped to your POS inventory system electronically via EDI (electronic data interchange). No OCR with it’s reading errors, no taking pictures and then having to manually correct where the software didn't scan the image correctly, no data entry errors.



Eliminate the painful manual invoice handling steps from suppliers to customers.


Price Checker

Our automated tool ensures you never get overcharged on your supplier invoices again.


Rebate Calculator

Never miss collecting your rebates again!


Filing Cabinet

Store all your physical invoices in the cloud for tax and audit purposes

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