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Buying stock from multiple suppliers equals stacks of invoices that require lots of manual work

Hours and days are wasted in entering data, line by line into your systems. Worse is having to take pictures of your invoices, as you have to ensure they are lined up correctly, get converted accurately and then you just end up rekeying missed information into the system anyway - talk about double work! All this effort can create up to 2 full days of work a week and who needs an iPhone full of invoice selfies anyway?

Add a few more hours a week to deal with inaccuracies and errors - and you find your invoice processing is controlling you instead of the other way around. You dread repeating the same process all over again next week!

This is where e-invoicing comes in.

A “Hands Free”, Automated, Paperless Capture of ALL Your Invoices - Directly from Your Supplier, PUSHING that data, “Line by Line” Into Your POS or Inventory System, 100% Accurately. No Manual Data Entry and No Taking Pictures of Invoices -EVER!


We make E-invoicing so easy, so accurate, so affordable and so fast, you’ll ask yourself, “why didn’t I do this before?”

So what are the benefits with introducing E-Invoicing to your business?


Eliminate Wasteful Inventory Spending

  • Ensures all your Inventory Pricing is Accurate and Current
  • Prevents Over Ordering
  • Exposes Employee Theft

Frees Up Hours and Hours of Your Time Every Week

  • Gets Your Face Out from Behind the Computer Screen and Back in Front of Your Customers

Cut Your Administration Costs in Half

  • No Longer Need Staff to do Tedious Data Entry
  • Eliminates Stacks of Paper
  • No Keying Errors

Bottom Line - Gives You More Time to Spend with Your Customers!


Push Data into your POS and Inventory Systems -
Hands Free.

Suppliers will simply email their PDF version of your invoice to an email address we’ll provide to them, and AccountsFlow will do the rest.

AccountsFlow automatically creates an electronic file that will integrate into your POS or Inventory System.

  • No printing, mailing, or photographing invoices
  • No more data entry
  • No more errors

100% Accurate - No Need to Double Check the “Automatic” Data Entry

We use EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) which gets your data into your systems with 100% accuracy.

This as opposed to using to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) or taking pictures, which regularly misinterprets characters and then requires your manual intervention to correct or if missed creates expensive errors and inaccuracies in your systems.

No manual intervention to correct the data needed.


Gets Your Inventory Costing Under Control

Automatically update your POS system as soon as your invoices are generated by the supplier.

With immediate, up to date visibility, you can shrink your food costs down and drive profitability.

  • No double orders,
  • No spoilage,
  • No needless tying up of cash flow.

Dramatically Reduce Employee Theft

Reduce employee theft through regular cost controls (75% of employees have admitted to stealing at least once from their employer, and that most do so repeatedly! - US Chamber of Commerce Study).

Having your supplier invoice data flowing to your POS daily -or several times per day- allows you to keep tabs on your inventory & cash.

Putting that control in place deters not only honest employees from attempting to steal but will also thwart your dishonest ones or risk getting caught.


Does AccountsFlow Integrate with my POS system?

AccountsFlow allows the automatic capture and upload of ANY Supplier Invoice into ANY Customer POS (Point of Sale) or Inventory System. We work closely with your POS company and use their exact system protocols they specify to integrate the data into their system. In fact, 100’s of POS companies have partnered with us due to the benefits and value their customers have received by adding AccountsFlow E-Invoicing with their system.

How do you get the supplier invoices into my POS and Inventory Systems?

We utilize our proprietary technology to decode your Suppliers system-created PDF invoice. It doesn’t matter what system your supplier has, so there is no systems costs for them, no changes required, no need to get their IT department involved. They simply email their PDF version of your invoice to an email address we’ll provide to them. We then map all the fields and convert to an electronic file that will integrate into your POS or Inventory System. Once the initial mapping is completed, the process is a repetitive iteration that is handled error free. No more printing, mailing, or data entry!

What exactly happens during the mapping of supplier invoices?

When a PDF is generated by an accounting system, in almost all instances it will be a searchable text PDF, with the invoice data items carried directly within the PDF. AccountsFlow takes advantage of this and maps the invoice data direct from the PDF to an E-invoice structure that will automatically populate your POS/Inventory system. As this information is embedded into the PDF invoice, there is no expensive system programming required, we do the mapping for the supplier, line item by line item, utilizing our proprietary technology, which only requires 20 minutes or our initial setup time – free of charge your supplier and no setup charges for you!

By mapping only one of their invoices, you are all set to receive E-invoice from that supplier. All future invoices are now mapped via EDI (electronic data interchange). EDI is the only 100% accurate way of exchanging data and that is how we can achieve a once only and then autopilot mapping. (Other systems attempt to achieve this by OCR, which is Optical Character Recognition. The problem with this is that it is asking the computer to “interpret” text and makes a best guess – which is prone to error and requires continual manual intervention to fix. Worse yet, some systems have you take pictures of your invoices, (which is just OCR under another name) and this picture taking process defeats the purpose of automation as YOU still have to take pictures of your invoices one at a time and fill up your iPhone or other mobile device with pictures and send them off one by one.)

Once the PDF file is mapped, it is converted into a useable system file which we can then populate your POS/Inventory system automatically and completely accurately with the approved integrations provided by your POS supplier. No more data entry!

Will my Supplier be willing to send a PDF invoice?

Yes. We have dealt with thousands of suppliers and in most cases they are already emailing PDF invoices to other customers. This is actually their preferred method as it removes the manual processing on their side as well, i.e. printing, sorting, mailing etc. and they have discovered that this creates a better relationship with you, their customer. In addition they note that this process actually reduces errors on their side and your side, from pricing mistakes to keying errors. The bonus for them is that automating the invoices this way actually helps them get paid quicker.

What system changes are required by my supplier?

None. Virtually all supplier based systems allow for the creation of a PDF invoice in addition to the traditional way of printing invoices. The supplier simply directs their system to email your PDF invoice to the email address we provide.

What do you charge my suppliers?

Nothing. To ensure your suppliers are supportive of automating the process for you, we remove any barrier for them to assist and do not charge them. The added bonus is that they find they have less calls from their customers and get paid quicker.

How quickly will my supplier be able to start sending PDF invoices?

Immediately. You will usually see the majority of your suppliers begin to send on their next invoice run.

How do I import my suppliers into AccountsFlow?

You have 2 ways to import your suppliers into AccountsFlow. For importing several suppliers, we have created a simple, bulk upload process via a CSV file with instructions. Additionally, you can enter single supplier information into the AccountsFlow program.