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Your POS system is supposed to adjust inventory and costs in real time...

...the only problem is that purchases are only reflected once a week after the restaurant manager finally has the time to manually process invoices. And you know this materially distorts the costing and inventory records in their POS.

Manual invoice processing is the bottleneck...

Your customers spend a minimum of 20+ hours per month manually entering a stack of supplier invoices, checking line item by line item; a frustrating and tedious task...

What if you could eliminate all your customers wasted time and frustration, and make it happen automatically?


Save your POS Customers the Pain of Manual Invoice Data Entry, and leap ahead of your competition!


Boost the capabilities of your POS system with hands-free E-Invoicing

AccountsFlow is a completely automated E-Invoicing system that integrates seamlessly into your POS system.

Empower all of your restaurant, retail and other customers dealing with SKU's and Inventory with immediate cost and inventory visibility and control.


AccountsFlow feeds invoice data directly into your POS system, automatically

Here’s how the magic happens:

  1. Suppliers auto-eMail the PDF version of the customer’s invoices to a designated email address.
  2. AccountsFlow, through our proprietary technology, automatically maps the invoice data accurately to an electronic file.
  3. This electronic file will integrate and populate your POS System, based on your exact file import protocols.

White-label AccountsFlow

Re-skin AccountsFlow with your own logo and branding, and offer it to your customers as an add-on feature or an extension of your POS system.

Best of all - our white label services are offered free of charge.

As for your customers? We only charge your customer for what they use, pennies per invoice; no loaded flat fees.


Here are more benefits that you can offer your customers when you white label AccountsFlow:


Provide Real-Time Cost and Inventory Control

With immediate, up to date, visibility on their food costs, they can shrink that food overhead costs down and drive profitability.


Reduce Work Hours Every Week

Cut your customers’ administration costs in half, and help them move out from behind their computer and back in front of their customers.


No Manual Work, Ever

A “Hands-Free”, Automated, Paperless Capture of ALL Invoices - directly from the Supplier, PUSHING that data, “Line by Line” into your POS system.


Reduce Risk of Employee Theft

Always-updated inventory & cash deters not only honest employees from attempting to steal but will also thwart the dishonest ones or risk getting caught.


Eliminate Wasteful Spending

Prevent managers from making unnecessary purchases because their POS does not reflect the new stock, just because it was not manually updated into the system.


Eliminate Errors

No manual intervention to correct the data needed, with the use of the EDI technology that gets data into the system with 100% accuracy.

Trusted by 100s of POS and Inventory System companies

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Getting Started is Easy...


...Easy for you as a POS company:

Add e-invoicing functionality to your POS in just 1 day...

Simply provide us with file import protocols for your POS or Inventory system - and we’ll take it from there.

Once you do that, we’ll take care of the following:

  • Integration: We’ll EDI code the integration into your system at no cost.
  • White label AccountsFlow with your logo: We’ll create a white labelled interface on our app with your branding and logo at no cost.
  • Run a marketing campaign for you: We’ll create and run a marketing campaign to promote the new functionality to your customers at no cost.
    See an example
We create all this for you in 1 day! so you can immediately offer these benefits to your customers at ABSOLUTELY NO COST to you.

...Easy for your customers:

Your customers can eliminate the hassle of manual invoice data entry, in 3 easy steps:

  1. Sign up for a risk-free, 60-day free trial (no credit card required).
  2. Provide a list of their suppliers - we’ll map all your customers suppliers invoices in minutes.
  3. Wait for the next supplier invoice run - and the data entry will be fully automated for them.

And all of this can be setup in under 1 day - It’s that simple!

Your customer will also start receiving immediate alerts to pricing errors and eligible rebates.

Best of all, we’ll only charge your customer for what they use, pennies per invoice; no loaded flat fees.

Offer AccountsFlow, as an extension of your POS...

...at no cost to you!

+ White labeling is FREE!

Schedule a call with our team of experts and we’ll show you:

  • How your customers can leverage your POS solution to achieve real-time costing and inventory management.
  • An example of a customized marketing campaign like one we can run for you at no cost.
  • How quick and easy it is to roll out this new feature to your customers.

Tell me more about White labeling AccountsFlow

Our POS Customer Retention Has Increased by 80%

"A lot of customers we onboarded without e-invoicing solutions were canceling their subscription after a few months. They were frustrated by the inability to view their inventory and cost when they needed and felt that our solution was not complete. For those customers benefiting from AccountsFlow e-invoicing extension, retention has increased by 100% "


What will it cost us?

There is no charge to any POS system vendor. There are no contracts to sign – no commitments on your part.

How do we start?

Let us know you are interested in partnering with us to offer automated invoice processing to your customers and we’ll get you setup.

What is required to start?

We will need to know some technical information from you. As we will be processing E-Invoices directly from various suppliers into your system, we will be creating an electronic file with all the pertinent information. We need to know exactly how your system imports data, i.e. through an API, file download, etc., and what is the exact format of the file(s) your POS system is expecting. We will then map the file transfer protocols to your system – free of charge.

How soon can we start offering this?

Right away. Once we talk to you and understand what your goals are and how you’d like to market to your customers, we’ll support this and can begin to onboard them immediately.

How do we let our customers know we are now offering an automated E-Invoicing addon?

We have a state-of-the-art marketing system that we can use in partnership with you to run an awareness campaign utilizing your branding/logos. Conversely we can use your system if you prefer and supply you with html designed emails and landing pages designed with your branding/logos.

What training/help will you give our customers?

Our system is very simple and intuitive to use. We also communicate a full library of video and PDF instructions, have page specific help menus, a knowledge base, online chat help and have phone support.

What do our customers pay?

We offer a no commitment Free 60 day trial. After the trial, we will only charge the customer on a useage based model, pennies per invoice. See the full pricing on our price page of our website: http://accountsflow-com-au-4316613.hs-sites.com/paperless-invoice-processing-software-pricing

How quickly can a customer start using the system?

Right away. We will quickly map your protocols and they can import their supplier list into AccountsFlow and we immediately begin the process of notifying their supplier of the change in sending the invoices directly to our email address and begin to map those invoices. (Note: as each supplier has different days for their invoice runs, it may be a few days to a few weeks before the customer sees invoices to be processed.)

Does this work with Retail POS?

Yes, absolutely. We realize a lot of the messaging is hospitality centric on our website, but the same process holds true to ANY POS system. We have thousands of retail clients.

What other systems does this work with?

We also integrate to most Accounting and ERP or Inventory based systems.

Will the Suppliers be onboard with the process?

Yes, absolutely. In fact it simplifies their accounts receivable process as this is an automation for them as well and we don’t charge them for it. Additionally, they find that their customers pay quicker because of the automation and quickly identifies and pricing and billing anomalies. After the initial customer, we find suppliers ask us to help them get all their customers on board.